MMTI prides in itself in teaching you what you need to know to be a competent Sailor/ Nautical Officer / Engineer Officer. The MMTI shares a special bond with the students and each one is free to discuss their problems and requirements. MMTI believes that a better communication always works towards a better flow of thoughts and maintains a healthy attitude. The MMTI is headed by Capt. C.L. Dubey, B.sc. Extra Master as Principal & Owner and Capt. O.P. Yadav, Master F.G. as Director & Owner.


# Course Duration Fees Description
1 MEO Class II 4 Months 24000 Every Monday
2 LCHS 5 Days 12000 Every Monday
3 SMS 5 Days 24000 Every Monday
4 High Voltage Operational 1 Day 8000 Every Monday
5 High Voltage Management 6 Days 28000 Every Monday